One mission of the UNC Department of Psychology Community Clinic is to conduct clinical research. As a patient in the Clinic, you might be asked to participate in one or more research studies. Participation is on a voluntary basis, and might include receiving treatment, undergoing an interview, or completing other tasks. Financial compensation or no-cost treatment may be provided to research participants.


Specific Ongoing Research Studies

Couples Clinic

The clinic staff has been integral in the development and evaluation of cognitive-behavioral couple therapy, the most widely researched form of couple therapy available.  Likewise, the staff has developed and evaluated premarital counseling and education programs for couples.  Furthermore, they have developed and evaluated the first treatment shown to be effective for infidelity. At present, the following specialized couple-based intervention research programs are being conducted through the clinic or in affiliated ways by clinic staff:


A couple therapist in the Psychology and Neuroscience department at the University of North Carolina is conducting a small treatment research study of a no-cost couple therapy program. To be eligible for this pilot study, couples (and each partner) must meet the following criteria: (a) living together more than 6 months, (b) age 21 or older, (c) identify as cisgender (biological/birth sex aligns with gender identity), (d) identify as female, and (e) have a certain level of distress in the relationship, including stress related to living in a heteronormative society. While we would hope for this program to be available to all couples, for the purpose of this initial pilot study we can only recruit a small sample of 12 couples. We hope to expand this program in the future. If couples are not eligible for ACCESS, we can provide referrals to other appropriate couples counseling resources.

If you have questions or to set up an initial phone screen call to determine eligibility: