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Child and Family Clinic

The University of North Carolina Child and Family Clinic offers state-of-the-art treatment of psychological and adjustment difficulties among youth aged 4-18 years.

Children face a variety of challenges and the symptoms which may warrant treatment vary as well. Common referral concerns for children and teen clients are dealing with irritability, sadness, inattentiveness, hyperactivity, mood swings, conflicts with parents or peers, learning difficulties, and coping with stress and trauma.

The Clinic is staffed by internationally renowned clinical supervisors with expertise in child clinical psychology, and who research risk factors, assessment, and treatment of child disorders. Clinicians in the Child and Family Clinic are strongly invested in working with local schools and community agencies to educate the public and help parents, educational staff, and mental health professionals learn about current best practices in child treatment.

Assessment Services

We also offer child assessment services for ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Conduct Disorder, et cetera. Additionally, we offer psycho-educational assessment through our Assessment Clinic for learning disorders and giftedness placement, including IQ and achievement testing, which can be useful for applying for accommodations on standardized testing.

Interested in becoming a client, want to make a referral, or have questions?

How is Therapy Different from Assessment?



Weekly or bi-weekly, hour-long sessions.

Time-limited, several appointments of a few hours each.


Provide strategies and skills in the context of an ongoing therapeutic relationship to reduce distress, based on collaboration between therapist and client.

Gather information about symptoms and functioning to answer a specific question, for example, "Does my son meet criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD?" or "Why am I having trouble retaining information when reading?"

Applying for testing accommodations or requesting medication and need documentation.


Discuss presenting concerns with therapist, in which therapist will provide skills and strategies for client to practice.

Comprehensive interview, history.

Psychological testing, IQ, achievement

Integrated report with feedback and recommendations.

Interested in becoming a client, want to make a referral, or have questions?