The information below is designed to provide you with important information about your upcoming appointment.

While we appreciate your eagerness to meet with us, both Clinics are solely appointment based and will not accept any walk-ins regarding appointments or information about the Clinics. Please make sure you have confirmed your appointment before arriving at the Clinic.

Insurance and Payment

Our clinic is not currently in network for any insurance plans and we do not directly file claims. Upon request, we can provide a statement of the services that were provided (CPT code), the dates of visits, the diagnosis and your payment summary to assist in your reimbursement. It is the client’s responsibility to check directly with their insurance company to ask about coverage for outpatient psychological treatment or assessment. Please note that the CPT code for therapy is 90837 and for assessments it is 96102 if provided by a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow and 96101 if provided by a Licensed Psychologist.

As clients will agree to when signing their Fee Agreement (see link below) – payment, by cash or check (the Clinic does not process credit cards), is due as follows: for therapy sessions payment is due in full at the end of each session; for early kindergarten or gifted evaluations, payment is due in full at the first appointment; and for all other evaluations/assessments, half of the fee is due at the first session and the balance is due at the second session.

Contacting Us

If you need to cancel or reschedule your INITIAL appointment, please call 919-962-6906 and leave a message at least 24 hours in advance – the clinic does not have a full-time receptionist available during business hours, but the voicemails left at our clinic number are checked daily.


There are two clinic locations – Evergreen House, on campus, and the Finley Clinic, off campus by Finley Golf course. Please make sure you are clear about where you will be meeting your therapist. The links above for each location include directions and parking information.

Initial Paperwork

The first session will involve some paperwork including a consent for treatment, an emergency contact information sheet, our committment to keeping your information confidential (HIPAA), our fee agreement, and possibly several additional forms depending on the reason(s) you are being seen. Links have been provided so you can review several of these beforehand.


If you would like the clinic to obtain information related to previous treatment you have had you will
need to complete a release from that provider.

Clinic Procedures

The outer entry doors at both clinics are locked at all times for security – when you arrive please ring the doorbell and your therapist will let you in.

As a courtesy to other clients, as well as to follow HIPAA protocol (see the link above), clients are not allowed unaccompanied access to rooms other than their own therapy room, the waiting room, and the rest rooms (which your therapist will point out to you during your first appointment).

Snacks are permitted in the lobby, but please clean up after yourself. Only water in containers is permitted in the therapy rooms (no food).

Since the Clinic does not have a receptionist, please talk with your therapist at the first appointment about the best way to reach them if you will not be able to make a scheduled appointment.



Please email us (clinic.screening@email.unc.edu) or leave a message on our voicemail (919-962-6906) if you have questions about any of this information.