The Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic is committed to the dissemination of research-supported treatments for OCD and other anxiety disorders. Our staff regularly give clinical and research presentations at local, regional, and national or international conferences.

Dr. Abramowitz offers an advanced seminar on the treatment of anxiety disorders, which includes a didactic portion and 9 months of practicum experience and supervision, for graduate students in the Ph.D. program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Are you a professional who is interested in training in cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders?

We are pleased to offer training opportunities for mental health professionals looking to expand their expertise in the area of anxiety disorders. This includes opportunities to attend meetings and seminars with our staff; view videotapes illustrating assessment and treatment techniques; observe live assessments, consultations, and treatment sessions; and receive follow-up expert consultation. For more information or to arrange a training opportunity, contact Dr. Abramowitz at 919-843-8170 or byemail.